Servi-Sure has been focused exclusively on the design and fabrication of titanium racks for more than 50 years due to titanium’s distinct advantages in anodizing, hard coating, and electropolishing:

  1. Longevity – Titanium racks are not consumable. Servi-Sure’s racks are regularly in daily use for 10 years or longer.
  2. Repeatability – Titanium has “memory” and returns back to form after the stress of usage, which provides for consistent and accurate repeatability. From hand-lines to fully automated robotic systems, titanium is particularly well-suited for jobs with high volume and/or small-parts.
  3. Efficiency – Titanium racks don’t anodize and thus don’t require stripping between runs. This means our customers use their rectifier to anodize parts, not racks.
  4. Return On Investment – The upfront investment in titanium pays for itself through increased longevity, repeatability, and efficiency.


Aerospace, automotive (brake systems, clutches, cosmetic trim, fuel delivery systems, pistons, transmissions), cookware, cosmetics, decorative, electronics, military, pharmaceutical, and many more.


Servi-Sure has customers throughout the United States and in more than 50 countries across the globe. Satisfied customers range from Fortune 100 captive manufacturers and multi-facility international anodizers to local job shops and independent entrepreneurs.