Accessories can be added to make racks more versatile and efficient.

Anodizing Basket – Most commonly used for color anodizing small parts (for identification purposes) such as bolts, screws, stampings and more. The all-titanium basket features:

  • 1/8” DIA holes on 3/16” staggered centers
  • G10 plastic nut for easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Fast and easy loading and unloading
  • Complete adjustability for various size loads
  • Usability as a dipping basket
  • Sturdy construction
  • No tools required

Aluminum contact rails – Fit over titanium notch rails on box racks to provide superior aluminum contact. They mount simply onto the box rack and are held in place through spring pressure – no fasteners required. They are easily removed and stripped after each run.

Block collars – Designed for use with ¾” diameter splines. They are tapped twice and fit virtually all existing discs.

Quick collars – More economical than traditional block collars, quick collars offer fast, one-bolt adjustment and easy replacement of frozen or broken locking screws. Options are available to be used with double 3/8” SQ, ½” SQ or ¾” DIA splines.

Stampings – For “old style” box racks, these .050” spring temper titanium box rack stampings are available at standard widths of 18”, 24” and 30”. Fingers come in both wide and narrow series.

Hooks – Available in aluminum, titanium, and copper. Made from ¼” x 1” material and offered straight or twisted. Hooks are 8” tall with holes for ¼” bolts.