The Servi-Sure Master Frame is a universal racking system engineered and designed to maximize part density for high production runs. Advantages include:

  • Optimizing part density – Increases parts per load and throughput by minimizing space between parts.
  • Consistent anodizing – Provides the most consist anodic film thickness across the entire load of parts. Current flows not just from the top of the rack, but also from the bottom.
  • Ease of racking – Individual racks/inserts can be loaded and unloaded offline to take the greatest advantage of the workspace. Racks can be used with both semi-automatic racking tables and fully automatic robotic systems.
  • Rack interchangeability – Can accommodate an endless variety of fully customizable racks to handle a large assortment of parts. Different styles of racks can also be used concurrently.
  • Improved electrical continuity – Permanently mounts to work bar for optimal conductivity.